STI’s customized polymeric coatings designed for medical implants of diverse surgical applications – mostly for:

  1. Embolic protection devices
  2. Thrombectomy devices
  3. Non-vascular stents

STI offers end-to-end solutions:

  1. Design, development,
    and volume manufacturing
  2. Finished products, components, and biomaterials integrated into
    implantable devices

Coating materials:

Silicone Elastomer, Silicone-Polyurethane, Polycarbonate Urethanes, Silicon Polycarbonate Urethanes, PLGA, PLLA

Coating technologies:

Deep Coating

  1. Quick prototype development
  2. Lower tooling cost
  3. Coating thickness: 30 – 100 [µm]

Applying precise process design and advanced equipment to ensure high uniformity, no bubbles, perfect coating adhesion, by controlling temperature, humidity and viscosity.

Spray coating

  1. Spray patterns are easily shaped for high-precision coating applications
  2. Highly controllable spray produces reliable, consistent results
  3. Coating wall-thickness: 10 – 100 [µm]