Product assembly methods


Cardiovascular stent kit

Clean room technicians assemble medical devices using the following methods:

  •  Micro-welding – STI applies high-precision laser spot welding, with a minimal spot weld diameter of 40 microns, for micro assembly of miniature metal components. A common application involves welding radiopaque markers onto medical implants to improve their x-ray visibility.
  • Adhesive & UV bonding – bonding components made of various materials, such as: plastics, glass, metal and ceramics. STI applies the appropriate bonding adhesive according to the application and the materials.
  • Solvent bonding – joining plastic components using an organic solvent (cyclohexanone). STI uses this method primarily for joining PVC tubes and connectors.
  • Electro-mechanical assembly – assembling products containing electronic components and mechanical parts.
  • Stent crimping – STI provides turnkey solutions for producing complete stent kits including validated crimping process for crimping stents on balloon delivery systems.
  • Pressing – applying mechanical pressure on metal components to position or shape them.