STI’s wire braiding technology is complemented by our expertise capabilities that include various heat treatments including AF temperatures and shape setting for Nitinol structures, surface treatments and electropolishing, laser welding and quality inspections to comply with medical standards requirements and meet customer needs.

Various patterns and open-ended structures

We offer conventional precision horizontal mandrel braiding, producing various patterns of continuous and open-ended structures, using Nitinol, Cobalt Chrome and Stainless Steel fine wires ranging from as thin as 0.03mm to 0.25mm in diameter.

  • Number of wires per braid – 24 /48 wires.
  • Inner diameter (core diameter) – up to 45 mm.
  • The braid can vary in diameter to form different shapes (conical, etc). In addition, Nitinol braids can be heat treated to various shape settings to comply with customer requirements.
  • Number of Picks per cm – 3-150
  • Various patterns per customer specifications, including simple patterns such as:
    • One wire over one – Under one
    • One wire over two – Under two
    • Two wires over two – Under two

Braiding forms

Complex geometry cutting