Conceptual Design & Prototyping

STI machines prototypes for large and small companies that develop a wide range of medical devices. Our professional team works with customers to optimize laser machining and finishing processes, resulting in products made according to exact specifications. Satisfied customers lead to long-term relationships with the people developing tomorrow’s innovative devices.

Manufacturing input during conceptual design

Awareness of manufacturing considerations from early stages of conceptual design can shorten the time to market and reduce product development costs.

STI’s support is usually requested by entrepreneurs who have a better understanding of the clinical implications and may be less familiar with manufacturing related issues.

STI adds engineering input from a manufacturing perspective which may involve suggestions related to raw material selection for the device, or considerations regarding design parameters, such as: geometries that would facilitate laser cutting and lead to higher yields (lower cost), reduced crimping profile, improved x-ray visibility and many more.


STI’s prototyping platform provides prototype laser machining services to medical device companies. During the prototyping phase a concept for a medical device transforms into a physical product. Since successful market penetration of MIS innovations depends on short time to market, efficient prototype laser machining enables rapid turnover of modified designs.

STI’s knowledgeable staff and dedicated manufacturing equipment support the prototyping phase of new products. Prototype laser machining resources are separated from serial production areas making them readily available when needed.

A limited number of units are typically manufactured per design (10-15 units) for evaluating design parameters and the ability of the device to function as intended. In stent design, for example, design parameters include: Radial force, strength of connectors, unit flexibility, crimped diameter, etc.

STI has a proven track record supporting the prototyping phase of R&D teams located all over the world – from the Americas through Europe and the Far East (Japan and Korea).