Additional Services

STI combines in-house manufacturing capabilities together with external sources to provide a comprehensive package of engineering and manufacturing solutions to customers. Over many years, STI has cultivated close working relations with top notch professionals in the following disciplines:


STI teams up with bio-engineers and mechanical engineers having a proven design track record of a wide variety of medical implants and surgical tools. Most of these engineers can be contracted to perform defined jobs on a per-project basis. STI helps its customers select the engineer that can offer the most relevant expertise to the customer’s specific needs.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Experts in various materials and applications help STI’s customers save time and resources by conducting thorough analysis of designs and simulation work.

Raw material vendors

STI maintains a list of qualified vendors of raw materials (e.g. tubes, radio-opaque markers, bio-compatible fabrics, biological tissues, etc.) that meet all international standards required for medical devices. Through years of experience, STI has sorted out outstanding vendors for specific materials, and in many cases, STI can achieve improved terms of supply for its customers through its contacts.

Regulatory support

STI collaborates with regulatory experts that can lead and accompany customers through bench tests, V&V tests, and clinical tests required for their product certification.

Laboratory services

STI collaborates with the Israeli Institute of Metals, operating in the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology – for the performance of tests requiring special technologies, such as: Corrosion tests, SEM analysis of metal surface, grain size and structure determination, etc.

Biocompatible coating

STI works with various coating providers for stents and other medical devices. Coating materials vary according to the intended application and the method of applying the coating to the device. Coatings include: PTFE, PU, silicone, and heterologous tissue.