STI cuts miniature slots or hole patterns from various metals and synthesized materials (stainless steel, aluminum, cobalt chrome, tantalum, copper, titanium, ceramics, etc.) at 20 micron minimal cutting width. Micro filters are used in medical and non-medical applications for separating larger particles from liquids or gases.

In applications that require finer filtration (≤ 20 μm), STI receives the filter media, cuts the desired contour and welds the filter element into place.

Examples of filters produced by STI include a surface filter for the electronic industry made of a 100 micron thick Tantalum foil with 10,000 holes (0.3mm diameter) at 1mm pitch between holes. The photo on the right shows a stainless steel medical micro filter machined for a fertility treatment application having 2,000 rectangular slots of 2×0.02 mm.