Wire braiding of Medical Devices

December 19, 2016

STI has acquired novel braiding capacity for manufacturing stents, catheters, flexible basket filters and more. From superfine wires with diameter of 150µm to wires with diameter of up to 400µm, STI is capable of offering a wide array of design possibilities, from tiny stents with OD of 1mm to braided gastro-intestinal stents with OD and catheters with up to 45mm. Web pattern and density can fluctuate according to the design selected with number of carriers changing from 24 to 48.

Coating encapsulation of Medical Devices

December 19, 2016

STI is now collaborating with MediBrane in the development and manufacturing of medical coating solutions, including: hydrophilic and hydrophobic, silicone, polyurethane and more.

May 2015. STI installs a femto-laser cutting machine and opens new opportunities for medical device as well as many other industries with this cutting-edge technology.

June 15, 2015

Femtosecond short pulses enable laser cutting, drilling, and engraving of virtually any material with micron-scale precision and without any thermal damage, i.e. no burr, dross and recast. This novel technology allows the realization of previously impossible features and reduces post processing to almost null.