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Welcome to STI Laser Industries Ltd., a medical device manufacturer specializing in laser cutting, micro-machining and finishing of miniature metal components.

Fulfill our customer’s quality standards and maintain full traceability

We focus on medical device manufacturing of stents, implants and surgical tools used in minimally invasive surgery. STI provides a comprehensive manufacturing platform for medical device, bio-engineering and hi-tech companies seeking prototyping, small series or contract manufacturing services.

Companies developing innovative medical devices need a dependable manufacturing partner they can rely on. STI supports customers through the life cycle of their products, providing the engineering and manufacturing solutions required to successfully develop and manufacture their products.


Fair profit – deliver excellent value at a fair price.

Maintain honest communications with our customers and ensure on-time delivery.

Established medical device companies wishing to outsource part or all of their manufacturing process or seeking a second source supplier are invited to contact us.

STI encourages visitors to browse and learn about STI, our manufacturing capabilities, the wide range of manufacturing services we provide, and see some of our work products, such as: stents, heart valve frames, orthopedic devices, surgical tools and other miniature components.

Latest News

Innovative surgery: spinal tumor resection and titanium custom-made cage implantation.

July 1, 2018

A complicated and innovative surgical procedure of vertebrae replacement was successfully executed in TLV Medical Center by Dr. Lidar, Dr. Lador and Dr. Morsi, using STI’s 3D printed implant.

Cuboid Bone Implant – Innovative Surgery in Israel

June 19, 2018

On May 2018, first of a kind Surgery was performed in Israel – a 10 year old boy was implanted with a unique 3D printed bone that was specifically tailored to his anatomy.


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